BASSLAYERZ is the brainchild of our Founder who is himself a musician… a bassist.  He had one simple desire, he wanted a subtle way for he and fellow bassists to express their passion for their music.  He wanted to wear his passion.  In his search for garments that would put his passion on display, most fell short of what he was looking for.  Unable to find pieces that true artists and music lovers deserved, he and our Co-Founder brainstormed.  They were focused on transforming the passion into garments that would allow musicians and even those who don’t play a note, but share the passion all the same, to wear that passion proudly no matter the setting.  They wanted to create a movement that was all about the music.  BASSLAYERZ APPAREL was born. 

In its infancy in a Dallas coffee shop, the brand was shaped to celebrate the bass players of the world.  As word of it’s creation leaked, artists of other walks and talents let it be known that they wanted to wear their passions too.  As a result, the brand evolved to include anyone who is, in some way, touched by music. 

BASSLAYERZ understands that music binds us.  We fall in love through it, we celebrate with it.  We worship with it, cry to it.  It makes us move while at times it makes us sit still and listen.  It causes us to think.  Babies are soothed to sleep with it and adults wake up to it.  Music… it has been said that, “Music is the great uniter.  An incredible force.  Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”  There is not a person on earth who is not passionate in some way about music.  BASSLAYERZ invites you to join us in showing that you share our passion for music.  Whether you are a musician, a dancer, a DJ, or Producer who creates music... if you’re a singer and your voice is your instrument... or even if you just like to put the earbuds in and be entertained... no matter your genre… if you love music, you’ve found your home.